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Guangzhou | 广州

A prosperous metropolis full of life

Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong Province and China’s third largest city. A strategic trade port located on the Pearl River, it is an economic hub that boasts vibrant commerce, finance and transport industries. Guangzhou is also a diverse and vibrant metropolis, complete with plenty of international flair and a culturally diverse population. Scores of businessman and tourist flock to the city each year to explore its bustling alleyways and towering skyscrapers, visiting famous sights such as the Five Ram Statue and White Cloud Mountain along the way.


A bustling economic hub, Guangzhou is considered one of China’s most prosperous cities alongside Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Ideally positioned on the Pearl River Delta, the city lies in the heart of mainland China’s leading commercial and manufacturing region, and acts as an important trading point with Hong Kong.

Guangzhou is also home to one of China’s most renowned trade expositions – the Import and Export Fair. Commonly known as the Canton Fair, the event has been held by the Ministry of Commerce every year since 1957 to promote China’s foreign trade. It represents the largest and most historic event of its kind in China, drawing masses of business people from around the country, as well as thousands of international entrepreneurs.

Source: Wikipedia


An estimated 13.7 million people live in Guangzhou, ranking it behind only Shanghai and Beijing in terms of population size. The urban population stands at over 11 million, with the remainder located in rural areas around the city. The city’s population density is approximately 1,800 people per km², a figure that is expected to continue to grow in years to come.

 Guangzhou is located within the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone, which contains 17,573 square kilometres and has an estimated population of over 50 million. This includes Guangzhou’s nine urban districts: Shenzhen (5.36m), Dongguan (3.22m), Zhongshan (3.12m), a large portion of Foshan (2.2m), Jiangmen (1.82m), Zhuhai (890k) and Huizhou’s Huiyang District (760k). 

Guangzhou is also renowned for its large migrant population, which is drawn in by the city’s fast-growing economy and subsequent labour requirements. Known as the floating population, an estimated 30 million migrants live in and around the city each year.

Source: Wikipedia